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Whether in Hawaii, Europe or Asia, Pacific Sierra Corporation buildings reflect the landscape, natural cooling and heating characteristics, and view channels to complement the building site and to suit the needs of its occupants. Our planners and designers combine these elements to create custom buildings of beauty and practicality. Standard plans and panelized buildings are also available.


Pacific Sierra offers unlimited selections of quality materials including, but not limited to, basic weather-tight structures, fine cabinetry and millwork, appliances, spas and plumbing, wall coverings, etc. Virtually any product on the market is available to our clients.

Packaging and Shipping

Material packages are checked and re-checked for quality and quantity prior to containerization at the firm's loading facility. Unloading is considered along with careful packing to allow for ease of material handling at the final destination. All shipping dates are coordinated with the building schedule to expedite on-site construction. Shipment is by the world's leading shipping companies.

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Custom Design from Your Ideas or Stock Plans Customized

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